The purity of the fabric

The material

Some of the most beautiful representative clothes in the world, including the Japanese kimono, the Indian sari and the Korean hanbok, are often made of silk, the queen of the fibers. There is no human being who is not conquered by his elegance.
In ancient times, silk production was the exclusive prerogative of China. No one else knew how to produce it, and whoever had revealed the secret of silkworms risked being put to death as a traitor. It is not surprising that this production monopoly made the fabric very expensive. In the Roman Empire, for example, silk was worth as much gold as it weighed.
It is said that its discovery dates back to the Chinese empress Xi Ling Shi and that the work began around 6000 BC.
The silk dresses, initially reserved for the Chinese emperors, were immediately a luxury item, loved and desired for its qualities of lightness, beauty and refinement.
Today, silk maintains its prestige intact and is characterized by the following properties:

  • lightness and comfort resists deformations
  • it is an excellent insulator, warm in winter and cool in summer
  • it is the most robust natural fiber known
  • it is one of the most precious fibers in the world.

Doreanfashion makes use of the finest hand-crafted silks from a strictly Italian supply chain.

The Vision

Make your art alive and pay homage to a beloved city, through a unique material: silk. Doreanfashion combines the ancient tradition of silk with the skill of Italian talent to create a refined, incomparable and unrepeatable product. Limited in production to confer exclusivity and prestige. A unique shopping experience to feel unique.